1. How can I be certain that the sounds on Soundsnap are legal?

The vast majority of our sounds have been licensed from reputable contributors with extensive industry credits. After submission, our team listens to each sound making sure they don't infringe anyone's copyright. Finally, because of the large volume of traffic on the website, it would be really hard to distribute a sound illegally. Our sounds are checked daily by members of the community that can inform us of any copyright infringement.

2. Are sounds on Soundsnap royalty-free?

Yes, absolutely. You can use them in any commercial or non-commercial application (movies, music, theater, video games, etc). However, you cannot sell CDs with these sounds or re-sell them online as they are, but only as a part of your music, film, website, installation etc. You can read the full license here.

3. Can I use these sounds in a commercial project?

Yes. Any commercial use in film, TV, radio, web, games, etc. is clearly permitted under our license. The only use that is not allowed is the commercial distribution (re-selling) of the sounds "as they are" on CDs, websites, etc.

4. Do I need to credit Soundsnap when I use the sounds in my project?

Yes, but only where applicable. For crediting, we ask that that you accredit Soundsnap in any opportunity in which credits exist. For instance, if your project has an end credits section, or a displayed accreditation section, we ask you to include a note that reads “Sounds by Soundsnap,” “Sounds: Soundsnap” or any variation that mentions our name. If there isn’t a section to your project that allows for an accreditation, it's ok to leave this out.

5. Can I copy sounds from Soundsnap onto a CD or my website and re-sell them?

Absolutely not. That's against our Terms of Use and a violation of international copyright law.



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