Is there a benefit to some sounds having a higher sample rate (ie. 192kHz)?

As I browse around Soundsnap, I notice that some sounds are higher sample rates while others are lower. I can't really hear the difference sometimes in the quality (at least through my current speakers). Is there a reason I would want to have higher sample rate sounds over others?



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    The quick answer is: its higher quality.

    The long answer:

    Higher quality comes with some drawbacks (as many things in life), as it means larger file sizes.

    However, even if you can't hear it, its best practice to always start with the best quality file you can get because its likely you may lose quality down the road when mixing it, adding it to video, or exporting it in a different format etc.

    Higher quality sounds can be manipulated without compromising their quality too much- for example slowing sounds down works much better with a higher bit depth/ rate.


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