Flag sounds to exclude from search results, ability to report sounds with erroneous tags

I'm doing a lot of searches for UI notifications, alerts, confirmations, etc. and I'm finding it difficult to avoid running into the sames sounds over and over with different searches. It would be nice if I could easily flag sounds to be hidden from results which would basically work as a filter. The search results could show the number that are hidden and have an option to remove the filter. Currently I think the best way to do this is to add every sound I'm not interested in to a favorites list so there's a visual indicator that I've already seen it - this is a lot of clicks though.

The other thing I'm finding is that there are some sounds included in results that have tags that don't make sense. When lots of effects have erroneous tags this makes my searches have lots of results but many of them lack the relevancy I'm looking for. As an example see "Feet landing on crumpled ground (3)." Why does this effect have tags like alien, coin, level complete, sewer drain, etc. I would like the option to easily flag sounds with inappropriate tags to help make search results more accurate. I'm not sure if you guys set the tags when you curate the sounds or if the tags are defined by the sound engineers you are sourcing the effects from.



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    Thanks for the feedback Arthur.


    Removing results is not a bad idea.

    However, I haven't really seen it so its hard to imagine it. Have you come across anything similar on other websites? That could help us visualize it.

    About tags: Since we 're not a user generated library, we are not sure we want to or have to involve the community in flagging sounds or their tags. We 're pretty confident with the content and the tagging usually as we do it mostly in-house (sometimes with the help of the creator's tags). But of course there's always room for improvement. I will look more into the tagging and what we can do to improve them without crowdsourcing it which has its own problems and limitations and can send a bad signal to the user.




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  • For flagging results to be hidden - the closest analog I can think of is on dating sites. On some of them you can indicate you are not interested in someone and then they will be hidden from you when searching/browsing. I can't think of any sites with an ecommerce style search index where you can do something like this.

    I understand your point about the tags - opening to community would be hard to manage and could be problematic in some ways.

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