Create Reaper custom action for searching/downloading within Soundsnap

Reaper is a very popular DAW with game sound designers, and also has a very powerful scripting environment for custom actions. It would be amazing if you created a Reaper custom action to search/select/download Soundsnap sounds directly into a Reaper project from within Reaper. It wouldn't be too hard. The hardest part would be exposing a couple of Rest APIs from your website.



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    Hi Eric,


    Thanks for your comment.

    We are well aware of Reaper as it gains popularity.

    We have certain legal/ licensing limitations that may not allow us to make sounds directly available via Reaper.

    Opening the API might put us in muddy waters with some of our contributors.

    However, do you think it may be possible that you download something via Soundsnap and it 'automatically' appears in Reaper? Would something like this be possible or useful?




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  • Yeah, that makes sense. I hadn't thought about potential license issues.

    Having something downloaded from Soundsnap automatically appear in Reaper would be useful, but only if Reaper was open. If it opened up Reaper, that would be annoying and less useful for me, personally.

    Thanks for the response!


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