Read Before Posting: Feature Request Guidelines

Thanks for joining the Soundsnap community forum! We hope that together, we can resolve everyone's questions and issues, and better understand what you're looking for from our library and interface so we can continue to best serve you.

Taking a short few minutes to read these guidelines now can save hours of frustration for everyone else later. Thank you.

Be Kind.

Avoid Negative Remarks: This community forum is meant to be a direct channel for communicating potential improvements to Soundsnap and for the community to openly discuss the potential and need for these ideas. Please avoid criticism, inflammatory remarks, quick reactions, bullying, etc. These types of behaviors don’t lead to a productive and useful resource and make it more difficult for us to get valuable information from the community to improve our product for you.

Focus on Adding Value

Before joining a discussion: Understand the community you’re a part of and browse the forum briefly. When deciding to comment and contribute to a post, consider whether or not your comments will add value to the conversation, or if they've already been conveyed by someone else earlier.

Before posting a suggestion: Understand the community you’re a part of. Search the forum and see if your suggestion, or an iteration of it, has already been posted. This can avoid bloat and confusion, and help us at Soundsnap get the best information quickly so we can respond to these requests.

Keep the Community Tidy

Stay On Topic: Keep your contributions to conversations relevant to the initial question that was asked. Falling off topic and responding too often to other comments can create a cascading mess of confusion.

Don’t Cross Post: If you post in this section, don’t post it in another section also. If you feel that you’ve posted in the wrong section, either contact a moderator to change the location of your post or delete it and begin a new one in the proper section.

Don’t Double Post: If you’ve already posted in the thread and haven’t gotten the response you were looking for, you may attempt to bump your thread with a response, but do not create a second post for the same question. This causes clutter in the community ecosystem and makes it more difficult for us at Soundsnap to extract useful feedback quickly.

Be A Good Community Member: If you see something that is off, disorganized or against the community guidelines, please contact a moderator, as they may be busy with other things and unable to catch certain issues 100% of the time.

Avoid Disallowed Content

Self Promotion: There are many channels and options for self-promotion on the internet. This community is not one of those. This includes promotion of other companies when these references fall out of the context of the discussion at hand. This will be monitored by moderators.

Explicit or Sexual Content: Please refrain from the use of profanity, especially in the case of antagonizing or harassing somebody. Keep in mind that many users are underage and should not be subject to anything you wouldn’t find on a public television channel (as a general guideline).

Offensive Content: Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed and can lead to being removed from the community.


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